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Herolds Bay Accommodation

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Herolds Bay

Herold's Bay was named after the first minister of the Dutch Reformed Church, Tobias Herold, of George, a town close by. Occasionally, along the Garden Route, the cliffs pull back and nature forms a sheltered, sandy bay. Herold's Bay is a good example of one of these bays.

Herold's Bay has a seawater swimming pool and therefore swimming is quite a popular pastime. The Herold's Bay Village is situated on a ridge overlooking the bay and the area is full of lovely trees.

Fishing is good in the Herold's Bay area and the resort is situated on the eastern end of the Mossel Bay. Musselcrackers are prolific in the bay. Possibilities are also good for elf, kob and leervis when they do their autumn and winter runs. Favourite fishing spots are "Voëlklip", "Skotsebank" and "Rooikransies".

Herold's Bay is only about 15km's away from the George Airport and about 24km's away from the biggest city in the area, George.

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Herolds Bay Accommodation, Garden Route
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