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The Old Power Station Building

The Old Power Station Building

Once a derelict building the old stone building which used to be the power station has now been restored and houses the Mossgas Information Centre. In 1924 Mossel Bay got its first supply of electricity from this station which was built in 1922 and that wasn't all. The large cooling pools which surrounded the station were used for many years by the people of Mossel Bay as warm seawater swimming pools. It became that popular that they set up cubicles where adults from the surrounding areas would come and bathe in privacy in the warm water, which was believed to be beneficial to rheumatic and arthritic patients. A new power station was built Little Brak River leading to the stone buildings degradation and finally its restoration.

The Mossgas Information Centre now welcomes visitors and one can obtain insight into the working programme of the oil rig, 84km out to sea.

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