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Redberry Farm


Redberry Farm

Visit Redberry Farm for a delightful family outing. Visitors can enjoy the many activities available such as the hedge maze, strawberry picking, miniature train, pony rides, bumper boats, bubble ball and a large outdoor playground. The Tea Garden, overlooking the majestic Outeniqua Mountains, serves breakfasts, light lunches and sweet treats. 


History of Redberry Farm

The land that Redberry Farm is built upon has a rich history. Redberry Farm was established in 2001 by Dave Cruse and Mark Miller who purchased the land from a dairy farm. An old mushroom pack house was purchased and converted to process strawberries.  The Redberry farm stall was launched inside the original dairy building while our existing tea garden kitchen used to be the dairy and the area where the coffee bar is located used to be a holding pen for cows.  The party lapa was the carving pen for the cows giving birth.

All of the trees were planted and the garden was landscaped transforming the Kikuyu pastures into beautiful lawns and gardens.  Slowly more land was acquired, the strawberry fields were extended and every few years upgrades to the farm stall and coffee bar buildings were made. Rows and rows of strawberries now cover the land, and smaller pockets have recently been repurposed for growing raspberries and blackberries.
The farm supplies strawberries commercially throughout South Africa. Over 400 tons of strawberries are produced each year and supplied to stores across the country. Strawberry jams, strawberry liqueurs and other exclusive strawberry products are produced on the farm and are available for purchase at the Farm Stall.

Pick Your Own Strawberries
Choose a container size at the farm stall and head off to the strawberry picking rows where the real fun begins. 
The sweetest strawberry is bright red and eaten fresh from the fields at room temperature. 

Hedge Maze
Explore the largest permanent hedge maze in the Southern Hemisphere! It is 10,567 m2 in size, consisting of over 10km of pathways. The hedge is formed by an impressive 30,000+ Syzygium Paniculatum plants. Some of the secrets inside the maze include 7 strawberry stations, a one-way door, underground tunnel & look-out point. It takes 1 - 2 hours to complete, depending on your "inner compass" navigational skills and speed. Discover the mystery of the maze as you uncover the 7 strawberry stations hidden inside the labyrinth of passageways!

Miniature Train
The miniature railway has 800m of track that winds around the strawberry fields, through a piece of the maze and into a dark tunnel. The ride is about 5 minutes long & provides plenty of fun.

Pony Rides
Walk around the paddock with one of our friendly ponies. 

Bubble Ball
Roll across the water inside the inflatable bubble ball or run on one spot by the pier.

Bumper Boats
Glide across the water inside the motorised bumper boats. The boats are motorised and require the children to steer, to navigate their path. 

Tea Garden
Redberry Farm offers a delightful strawberry-inspired menu consisting of breakfasts, lunch items and sweet treats. Make your way to the Coffee Bar, the cosy indoor area, or sit outdoors at one of the bench and brollie sets. 

Outside, enjoy the farm ambience with the majestic Outeniqua Mountains as your backdrop. The wooden benches are situated on a manicured lawn overlooking the children's playground. The Coffee Bar has rustic décor with a warm fireplace for winter, comfortable couches, table sets and a coffee bar.

Farm Stall
A strawberry theme permeates the Farm Stall. Browse the shelves for strawberry jams, liqueurs, salad splash, syrups and other take-home gifts.

The wooden playground is well equipped with a slide and jungle gym, tire swings, climbing apparatus, monkey bars, rocking horses, balancing beams, seesaw, trampoline and more.



Address: Geelhoutboom Road (off the R404), Blanco, George, South Africa

Phone: +27 44 870 7123

Fax: +27 44 870 7123


Business Hours: 
Monday to Saturday 9am to 4pm.

Please note: closed on Sundays, Christmas and Good Friday.

GPS Co-ordinates: 33? 57’30.73 S, 22? 22’56.34 E

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