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Mossel Bay Golf Course

Mossel Bay Golf Course
The Mossel Bay Golf Course is less than half an hour away from George which makes it convenient for visitors to come and enjoy a relaxing scenic 18 holes with friends and family.

The Mossel Bay Golf Course was founded in 1905 and was designed and built over a period of 2 years. The first official competition took place in 1926 and the first hole-in-one was in 1935.
Although the course has been through some rough times with a drought and some financial difficulties during the country's depression it was looked after and brought back to life. It has since been rebuilt and has developed into one of the Western Cape's major attractions.

The panoramic sea views are breathtaking and the course can be challenging depending on the wind direction. The course is still beautifully kept and has the bonus of a Mediterranean climate which helps keep the grounds green and lush most of the year round.

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