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Cape St. Blaise

Cape St. Blaise
Cape St. Blaise is in the beautiful town of Mossel Bay in the Western Cape of South Africa. It boasts some of the most pristine beaches and is a popular holiday destination amongst international and local visitors.

Cape St. Blaise lighthouse which was built in 1864 is one of the popular visits and just under the lighthouse are the Cape St Blaise Caves where Bartholomew Dias is known to have made his first contact with the Khoisan tribe. For this reason, it has been declared a national monument.

The infamous 13.5km St. Blaise Trail is a must for the whole family. This trail starts at eh cave near the lighthouse and then runs along the cliffs toward Vlees Baai. The views along this trail are spectacular and you will often spot whales and dolphins along the coast.

Cape St. Blaise has a semiarid climate and temperatures seldom rise above mid 20's which makes it superb weather all year round for visitors.

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