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Diaz Beach, Mossel Bay Accommodation

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Diaz Beach, Mossel Bay

Cape Point is a photographer’s paradise and is one of the most scenically stunning places you will ever visit!

Diaz Beach isn’t recommended for swimming, as there aren’t any lifeguards and the weather is extremely fickle at Cape Point.

If you wish to go for an awesome beach hike, however, then Diaz Beach is a must-go! You will need to be relatively fit to visit, as the walk down to the beach takes about 20 minutes and double that to get back up. At low tide, you can venture across a rocky shelf and around the bluff on the eastern end of the beach. At the end of the sand, below the cliffs, there is a cave – although it isn’t the most welcoming cave.

The benefit of this beach is that it is secluded, very peaceful and extremely beautiful. You may even have the entire beach to yourself; apart from the baboons who venture down to the beach from time to time.

You will find that the rocks are covered in mussels, but don’t be tempted to take any with you, as this is within the Cape Point Nature Reserve.

While you’re visiting the Cape Point, be sure to make a stopover at the Old Post Tree, the Old Power Station Building and Seal Island.

There is plenty of accommodation in Diaz Beach, and you will notice that most on offer is self catering accommodation

Diaz Beach and its surrounding area in Mossel Bay, Western Cape, offer a variety of attractions and activities for visitors to enjoy.

Here are five things to see or do:

  1. Diaz Museum Complex: Explore the rich maritime history of the area at the Diaz Museum Complex. Learn about Portuguese explorer Bartolomeu Dias, who landed in Mossel Bay in 1488, becoming the first European to set foot on South African soil. The complex includes a replica of the caravel ship that Dias sailed and provides insights into the region's cultural and natural heritage.

  2. Diaz Beach: Spend a day relaxing on the beautiful Diaz Beach. With its golden sands and tranquil waters, it's an ideal spot for sunbathing, swimming, and beachcombing. The beach is also popular for surfing, bodyboarding, and kiteboarding, offering opportunities for water sports enthusiasts to enjoy the waves.

  3. Point of Human Origins Archaeological Site: Visit the Point of Human Origins Archaeological Site, located near Diaz Beach. This site showcases the archaeological evidence of early human activity dating back over 164,000 years. Guided tours provide fascinating insights into the lives of the ancient inhabitants of the area and their interactions with the environment.

  4. St. Blaize Lighthouse: Take a hike along the scenic St. Blaize Trail to reach the historic St. Blaize Lighthouse. The trail offers stunning coastal views and passes through rocky cliffs and fynbos-covered hillsides. The lighthouse, built in 1864, stands as a beacon overlooking the Indian Ocean and serves as a reminder of Mossel Bay's maritime heritage.

  5. Whale Watching: Embark on a whale-watching excursion from Mossel Bay to witness the majestic Southern Right Whales as they migrate along the coastline. From June to November, these gentle giants can often be spotted breaching and playing in the waters near Diaz Beach, offering unforgettable wildlife encounters.

These are just a few highlights of what Diaz Beach and Mossel Bay have to offer. Whether you're interested in history, outdoor adventures, or simply soaking up the natural beauty of the Western Cape, there's something for everyone to enjoy in this scenic coastal region.





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Diaz Beach, Mossel Bay Accommodation, Garden Route
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