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The Barn, Mossel Bay

The Barn, Mossel Bay

Old world style, heavy wooden beams, big tables, lanterns and a warm and friendly atmosphere - and then the music starts! Every performance at the Barnyard Theatre is more than you could expect even if you watch the same show over and over. The Barnyard runs a musical show for a period of time and then changes. The shows are foot tapping from the first beat and cover different genres and periods in musical history, right up until the present performers. With musical impersonations and arrangements tied together with an often humorous narration, the cast spares no effort in getting the audiences participation. Whether it be the afternoon or evening show, you will definitely walk out thinking "We will do that again, soon!"
The Theatre offers a menu where you can place a food order for the show, or you can pack up your picnic baskets, platters, or cooler bags with your choice of meals or snacks. Just don't try to sneak your drinks in! The theatre has a strict policy that only beverages purchased on their premises may be consumed while at the performance, so get there early and get your stock, the bar does close during the performance opening at intermission and after the show. And as much as the you get the urge to take snapshots, keep your cameras, video cameras, and mobile phones pack away as use of these is prohibited during the shows.

For More information regarding shows, show times and bookings contact
Tel: +27-44-6981022

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