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Dana Bay Accommodation

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Dana Bay

Dana Bay has some great sea views and therefore makes it the ideal place to view whales. Sometimes whales will visit the shores to calve and schools dolphins can often be seen at play along the Dana Bay coastline. Dana Bay is famous because it's the only north-facing beach in South Africa. It is situated close to the town of George, and is only about 15 minutes away from the George Airport.

Vegetation in the Dana Bay area consists mainly of coastal and lime fynbos. The coast consists of golden-brown beaches that offer safe swimming and good fishing. Fishermen are likely to catch elf, kob and leervis in the autumn and winter months and may even land a musselcracker or two.

There is also some wildlife in the Dana Bay area and these include the Cape pheasant, steenbok, and some bushbuck. The Dana Bay area is also home to a variety of birds. The most famous of these are the endangered black oystercatcher.





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Dana Bay Accommodation, Garden Route
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