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The charming little Victorian village of Cullinan is situated about 30 kilometres to the East of Pretoria and has become famous for the discovery of some of the finest diamonds ever discovered. Diamonds were discovered in the area at the turn of the Century and the Cullinan Diamond Mine established. In 1905 the world's largest ever diamond (more that 3100 carats) was found in surface workings and named the Cullinan Diamond after Thomas Cullinan, who had established the mine. The mine, renamed the Premier Diamond Mine in 2003, is still being worked, and produces more than 1 million carats per year.

Cullinan has several well-preserved houses and churches, the main road, Oak Avenue, being lined with Jacaranda and Oak trees. Cullinan offers a great deal to the prospective tourist, whether it's a round of golf at the 9 hole course or lunch at the Supper Room at the clubhouse. There are two-hour surface tours of the diamond mine and twice a month you can enjoy an undeground tour.

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