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Norwood : Accommodation & Points Of Interest


Norwood is a very pretty town in Johannesburg, South Africa. It borders on Orange Grove and Houghton. Its streets are lined with trees and adds to the friendly atmosphere in this neighbourhood. It is close to all amenities which makes it convenient for locals and visitors. The Norwood Mall is a complete one stop shopping experience. Here you can get everything you need from food, fine dining, a pharmacy, banking facilities and much more for the whole family.

Norwood is near to Rosebank, a popular area which offers visitors and locals one of the greatest shopping centres in Johannesburg. The 3 storey mall is packed with entertainment, shopping, upmarket restaurants, cinemas and of course the popular rooftop market on Sundays. Another popular centre worth visiting while in Norwood is Sandton City, one of Africas leading malls. As if that isn’t enough, the City also offers the Nelson Mandela Square, a very popular attraction in Johannesburg. Come and enjoy special features each month such as dances and concerts and many more. The Nelson Mandela Square is open daily between 9am and 6pm.

Norwood is situated in Johannesburg which enjoys a lovely climate. The summer months are warm to hot during the day with afternoon thunderstorms and cooler evenings. The winter months are cool to very cold and dry with temperatures dropping considerably in the evenings.
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