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Hemel en Aarde Valley

Hemel en Aarde Valley is situated in the Western Cape, South Africa. It is a popular valley and attracts many local and national visitors. The valley has a great history dated back to the early 1800's. This is when the valley was the home to many lepers. Leprosy was known as the most dreaded disease and in 1820, a hospital started being built for lepers. In the 1970's the Hemel en Aarde Valley started becoming more serious about wine making and has since become well known for its fine wines.

The valley is dotted with wine farms and is a beautiful area with breathtaking mountain, valley, river and ocean views. Whether you are a connoisseur or a beginner, you will thoroughly enjoy the valley. There is so much to see and enjoy from wine tasting, country side lunches, tours and much more.

Just before you enter the valley, you will arrive at the Hemel en Aarde Village which is a well known and popular destination of fine wines, dining and arts and crafts to mention only a few. There is plenty accommodation in Hemel en Aarde Village in the area for those who would like to stay overnight or spend some more quality time in this absolutely stunning valley.

The Fernkloof Farmers Market is a popular event that attracts locals and visitors. Every Saturday the market offers visitors a variety of fresh produce, home made breads, cakes and cheeses as well as yoghurt and many more tasty treats. The gates open from 7:30am to 11:30am.

The Fernkloof Nature Reserve is a hotspot in the Western Cape, one of the Cape's best kept secrets. Enjoy nature at its best, get to view a variety of bird species, enjoyable and interesting nature trails and guided tours and much more. The reserve opens between 7am and 7pm. Another reserve which is very popular in the area is the Walker Bay Nature Reserve. The park includes hiking trails, fishing, swimming and picnicking to mention only a few of the activities on offer. The reserve opens between 8am and 4pm.

Hemel en Aarde enjoy warm to hot summer months. The winter months are wet and windy with temperatures dropping considerably in the evenings.

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