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Dyer Island Cruises

Dyer Island Cruises
Dyer Island is situated in De Kelders in the Western Cape, South Africa. It was previously known as Ilha da Fera, meaning Island of wild creatures. It became Dyer Island after an emigrant, Samson Dyer who lived on the Island. As the Island is home to seals, bats and sea birds, Samson Dyer used to collect guano and sell it to the mainlanders as fertilizer.

Dyer Island is a nature reserve and can only be accessed by boat tours. These tours leave from Kleinbaai on Danger Point. Dyer Island is incredibly popular amongst local and international tourists for its great white shark diving and whale watching. There are many tours to choose from and you will be able to get up close and personal with the whales and sharks as well as see and learn about many of the other wildlife in this area.
These boat cruises are exciting and it is an adventure which should not be missed. Make it a stop while visiting the Western Cape..

For more information and reservations please contact:
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