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Voelklip is a beautiful upmarket residential suburb on the Western Cape Coast of South Africa.

Walker Bay Nature Reserve is a beautiful scenic stretch on the coast where you and the whole family can relax while having a picnic or enjoy one of the hiking trails on offer. There are a few small buck at the Walker Bay Nature Reserve as well as whales that frolic in the waves. Walker Bay Nature Reserve also offers some good fishing spots and swimming and snorkelling is popular. While visiting Voelklip you will be able to enjoy the 4x4 trails nearby and also the wine tasting venues that are popular amongst the locals and visitors. Another exciting activity that is available nearby Voelklip is the opportunity to go shark diving which is an experience not to be missed. For those who prefer to stay dry and enjoy the scenery and wind in your hair, then horse riding on the beach is the perfect way to relax for you.

Voelklip enjoys warm to hot summer months with cool to cold and wet winter months.

Voelklip is a charming suburb of Hermanus in the Western Cape, South Africa, known for its beautiful beaches, scenic views, and outdoor activities.

Here are five things to see and do in and around Voelklip:

  1. Voelklip Beach:
    Pristine Beach: Voelklip Beach is a favorite among locals and visitors for its clean, white sand and clear waters. It's perfect for sunbathing, swimming, and surfing.
    Scenic Surroundings: The beach is surrounded by stunning cliffs and fynbos-covered hills, providing a picturesque backdrop for relaxation and beach activities.

  2. Grotto Beach:
    Blue Flag Beach: Just a short distance from Voelklip, Grotto Beach is a Blue Flag beach renowned for its pristine conditions, excellent facilities, and long stretches of sand.
    Family-Friendly: Ideal for families, the beach offers ample space for picnics, beach games, and leisurely walks. The calm waters are great for swimming and paddling.

  3. Fernkloof Nature Reserve:
    Biodiversity: Explore this nearby reserve, which boasts over 1,800 hectares of diverse fynbos vegetation. It's a haven for nature lovers and bird watchers.
    Hiking Trails: The reserve offers a variety of hiking trails, ranging from easy walks to more challenging routes, all with stunning views of the mountains and coastline.

  4. Hermanus Cliff Path:
    Scenic Walk: The Hermanus Cliff Path is a well-maintained trail that stretches along the coastline from Voelklip to the New Harbour in Hermanus. It offers breathtaking ocean views and opportunities for whale watching during the whale season (June to November).
    Wildlife Spotting: Besides whales, the path is great for spotting dolphins, seals, and a variety of bird species.

  5. Voelklip Hiking Trails:
    Mountain Trails: Voelklip offers access to several mountain trails that provide panoramic views of Hermanus, Walker Bay, and the surrounding fynbos-covered hills.
    Outdoor Adventure: These trails are ideal for hiking, trail running, and mountain biking, catering to various fitness levels and adventure enthusiasts.

These attractions make Voelklip and its surroundings a wonderful destination for outdoor activities, beach fun, and enjoying the natural beauty of the Western Cape.

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