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Caledon Wildflower Reserve

Caledon Wildflower Reserve

The Caledon Wildflower Reserve is situated in Caledon in the Western Cape, South Africa. The reserve is at the entrance to Venster Kloof. The reserve is well known amongst locals and international visitors. There is an annual wildflower show held here during the month of September when the flowers are in full bloom. This wildflower display is a spectacular sight and the hikes through the nature reserve is worth every minute. The whole family will enjoy this outing. The walks amongst nature along the quaint pathways with wooden bridges and beautiful picnic areas is an experience you should not miss out on. The scenic views of the Swartberg mountains just add to the splendour of this area. Make a note on your calendar to visit the Western Cape next September to enjoy this annual show of nature at its best.

For more information please contact:
Caledon Museum and Tourism Bureau
Tel: +27-28-2121511
22 Plein str

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