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Bot River

Nestled in the Houw Hoek Mountains, en route to Hermanus and Caledon, the village of Bot River is fast gaining popularity as a commuter town. An hour's drive from Cape Town city centre, and only twenty minutes from Hermanus, Bot River has much to offer, over and above its views, which extend in every direction.

Bot River is central to the Walker Bay wine region and home to some of the world's most southerly vineyards with over 22 producers of wine. Popular activities include wine tasting, hiking, horse riding, and quad biking.

The Bot River winds through one of the most fertile regions of the southern Cape before culminating in a lagoon with little inlets and bays that make wonderful picnic and swimming spots and home to waterfowl and a herd of wild horses. Windsurfing, water-skiing and fishing are popular.

The name "Bot River" is reputed to come from the Afrikaans word for "butter", originating in the Khoi name for the river "Gouga" meaning "botter", which was later abbreviated to plain "bot".





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Bot River Accommodation, Overberg / Whale Coast
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