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ABSA Cape Epic

The ABSA Cape Epic

Referred to as The Magical and Untamed African Mountain Bike Race, the Absa Cape Epic is the largest full-service mountain bike stage race in the world, with tired riders being supplied with race nutrition, water, and isotonic carbohydrate drinks at the feed zones. Apart from this the riders and their race crew sleep in the tented race villages, at night, that are set up prior to arrival and taken down immediately after the start each morning by the race crew. The race is an annual event which takes place around the last week of March and the first week of April and is held over 8 days, covering almost 800 kilometres of the beautiful unspoilt nature of the Western Cape. Apart from the beautiful scenery the race also climbs up almost 16000 metres of some of the most magnificent mountain passes in South Africa. The ABSA Cape Epic is not a solo race but rather a team event with entries only being allowed for two rider teams, with categories for Men, Ladies, Mixed and Masters and a minimum age of 18 years. Te teams are expected not to split up during the course of the race and must reach the daily finish lines before 17:00. There are prizes for the stage winners with the race leaders being awarded leader jerseys.

The organisers of the ABSA Cape Epic aim to present an event which has the participants as it focal point and would like to deliver an unsurpassed and unforgettable mountain bike and African travel-experience. They provide participants with 24-hour full service facilities during the race, including tented accommodation in race villages, carbo-loaded breakfasts and dinners, race nutrition, bike servicing, masseurs, and stage location specific entertainment every evening.

In order to ensure that each years race is special and unique, the organisers change the route each year providing a delightful scenic mix of African plains, majestic mountains, deep ravines, indigenous forests, spectacular coastlines and flourishing vineyards, while battling dusty and demanding gravel paths, strenuous rocky uphills, thrilling technical downhills, magnificent river crossings and stunning forested single tracks.

For more information and race entries please contact:
Race Office
Tel: +27-21-4264373
Fax: +27-21-4220331
Or email: registration@cape-epic.com

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