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Wadrift is a beautiful suburb in Gauteng where you can experience the best of an upmarket yet rustic holiday in the bushveld. It is approximately an hour away from the international airport which is convenient for national and international visitors.

There are many hiking trails and tours available in the area for all degrees of fitness levels for the whole family. You can take a breathtaking hot air balloon flight and admire the beauty of the bushveld. There are also game drives where you will get to see a variety of wild life and bird species. Nearby Wadrift is the Carousel Casino which has a choice of slot machines and betting tables, concerts, shows and live entertainment. There is also a sports arena where many contests are held from powerlifting to boxing. You can relax while watching a movie at one of the cinemas or the children will enjoy the indoor adventure park.

Wadrift has a moderate climate with warm to hot summer days and most rainfall as thunderstorms and cool to cold winter months.





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Wadrift Accommodation, Pretoria - Tshwane
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