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De Wildt Cheetah & Wild Dog centre outside of Brits, North West  © fiverlocker, License


The town of Brits was named after Gert Brits, owner of the farm Roode Kopjes, on which the town is situated. Brits started to grow very fast after the Hartebeespoort Dam was built. Irrigation systems allowed for new crops and very soon tobacco, corn, citrus, vegetables and even grapes were produced. Cattle farming are still the mainstay in the northern district of Brits, but through the years a few small industries were started. A plant that manufactures engine parts, an optical fibre manufacturer, and a fruit juice plant are just a few industries that started in the area.Granite, chrome and magnite are mined in the area. The local high school has it's own private nature reserve and it is well worth a visit. Approximately seven kilometers south of Brits is an old Karee tree. Under the tree is where a peace accord was signed between several factions to stop the civil war. If you follow the R566 northeast from Brits, you will come to the De Wildt Cheetah Research Centre. Please note that you are required to book well in advance for a guided tour of the facility. Cheetahs are not the only animals at the facility. You can also see Cape hunting dogs, sunis, blue duiker and the riverine rabbit.





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Brits Accommodation, Eastern Region
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