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Ann van Dyk Cheetah Centre

The Ann van Dyk Cheetah and Wildlife Trust was set up in 1971 to protect the cheetah At the time only 600 cheetahs existed in South Africa. Since then the Cheetah Research Centre has successfully bred over 750 cheetahs and 500 wild dogs, which have been relocated across the country.

The success of this project has encouraged the centre to expand it's conservation efforts to help several other species that are under threat, including the brown hyena, wild dog, serval, suni, bontebok, blue duiker, red duiker, riverine rabbit and vultures.

In 1990 the De Wildt Vulture Unit was set to rehabilitate sick and injured vultures, which can then be released back into the wild once they have recovered.

A Cheetah Run, 3 hour guided tours, Family Tours, Private Tours, Exclusive Tours are available throughout the week.


Tel: 012 504 9906 /7 /8
Mobile: 083 675 5668 / 083 892 0515
Fax: 086 575 1479


- from Johannesburg, follow the R511 (William Nicol Hwy.) west
- 36 km past the N14 turn right onto the R513
- the Cheetah Centre is another 5 km on the right

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