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Three Rivers Accommodation, Sedibeng - Southern Gauteng

Three Rivers Accommodation

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Three Rivers

Three Rivers is made up of a number of areas including Three Rivers Proper and Three Rivers East which form this suburb of Vereeniging, Gauteng. The suburb lies on the eastern most end of the city and is bordered by the Sugarbush river to the south and east and by an eco estate called Summerview Estate to the West.

Three Rivers is home to many people working in the nearby city of Johannesburg due to its easy access to the R59 Freeway linking the two cities. It is also home to some Vereenigings wealthiest families and contributes to the majority of the tax income for the local municipality. Many of these families live in either Fisheagle Street, or Heron Avenue which are situated next to the Sugarbush river.

Most of the streets in the suburb, particularly Three Rivers East, are named after bird species found in South Africa with the exception of Hawthorn street, which is named after a tree. Other places of interest include: Weavers Nest conference centre, Suikerbos (Sugarbush) Laerskool and Riverside High School. The suburb is also situated close to many other schools and shopping centres.

There are two wildlife conservation areas situated around the suburb. The first forms part of the Summerview Eco estate, and the other is situated next to the sugarbush river and is in fact part of Three Rivers Proper. The conservation areas are funded and cared for by the residents of the two neighbourhoods. There is a wide range of game found in these two areas including; Black Wildebeest, Kudu, Waterbuck, Porcupine, Impala and Springbok.

Three Rivers enjoys a moderate climate with warm to hot summer days with most rainfall as thunderstorms and cool clear winter days with temperatures dropping in the evenings.





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Three Rivers Accommodation, Sedibeng - Southern Gauteng
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