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Lochvaal Accommodation, Sedibeng - Southern Gauteng

Lochvaal Accommodation

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Lochvaal is a scenic area situated in the Sedibeng District of Southern Gauteng, South Africa. Nestled along the Vaal River, it offers picturesque views and a tranquil environment perfect for relaxation. The region is known for its water-based recreational activities, including boating, fishing, and kayaking. Many visitors come to enjoy the natural beauty and serene atmosphere, making it a popular weekend getaway spot. The area also hosts a variety of accommodations, from luxurious lodges to cozy guesthouses. Lochvaal’s proximity to major cities like Johannesburg and Pretoria makes it easily accessible for those seeking a quick escape from urban life.

Lochvaal in Sedibeng, Southern Gauteng, offers a variety of activities and attractions.

Here are five things to see or do in the area:

1. Vaal River Activities:
The Vaal River offers numerous water activities such as boating, fishing, water skiing, and jet skiing. It's a great spot for a day out on the water, whether you're looking to relax or get active.

2. Riviera on Vaal Country Club:
This country club features an 18-hole golf course, perfect for golf enthusiasts. The club also has a restaurant and facilities for tennis and squash.

3. Emerald Resort & Casino:
Located nearby, this resort offers a variety of entertainment options including a casino, an indoor water park, an animal park, and a spa. It's a great destination for families or anyone looking to have some fun.

4. Stonehaven on Vaal:
A popular spot along the Vaal River, Stonehaven offers river cruises, dining with beautiful river views, and various events and activities. It's a perfect place to enjoy a meal or take a scenic boat trip.

5. Vaal Mall:
For shopping and dining, Vaal Mall in Vanderbijlpark is nearby and offers a wide range of stores, restaurants, and entertainment options. It's a convenient place to spend a few hours if you're looking for some retail therapy or a bite to eat.





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Lochvaal Accommodation, Sedibeng - Southern Gauteng
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