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Malmesbury is known as "black land" because of its rich black soil of the land. It is the largest town in Swartland and only 45km from Cape Town centre. Malmesbury is mostly a farming community, such as sheep, wine, grain and poultry and has been since the 1700's.

Malmesbury has stunning scenery. There is a golf course nearby where you will enjoy the beautiful mountain views while playing 18 holes on luscious a green course. Some of the farms nearby Malmesbury offer 4x4 trails which are very enjoyable. You can also go hiking or mountain biking. The are boasts the most beautiful wine and olive farms where you can go on tours. Limietberg nature Reserve is near Malmesbury where you can expect to see many different animals such as Dassie, klipspringer and Baboon. While in Malmesbury you should go and visit the very popular and famous 80 seat theatre which used to be the old Darling station in Darling, home to the infamous Evita Bezuidenhout.

Malmesbury is on the West Coast of the Western Cape with hot & dry summer months and extremely cold & wet winters with snow on the surrounding mountains.





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Malmesbury Accommodation, Cape West Coast
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