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JG Strydom Tunnel Accommodation

JG Strydom Tunnel

The JG Strydom Tunnel area also known as Manoutsa first came into being with the building of the JG Strydom tunnel in the late 1940s and can be found in the Valley of the Elephant, Limpopo Province. All the workers used the area as their camping site. The 132,3m tunnel which was named after a former Prime Minister, JG Strijdom was opened on the 8th of May 1959 and is on the Abel Erasmus Pass. The tunnel corner stone was layed on 8 May 1959 by the late Susan Strydom.

JG Strijdom Tunnel is a good traditional climbing area in Mpumalanga. The area was first climbed back in 1975 and slowly more and more routes have been added. The climbing is generally very good with superb views of the lowveld. The rock varies from one climb to another, but is normally excellent. It tends to be rather featured making apparently blank faces quite climbable, while providing excellent gear in both vertical cracks and on the faces themselves. The cliffs tend to be north facing and as such will be very hot in summer. The best time to climb will be winter, although spring and autumn will not be too bad. There are a lot of black-jacks present in the early winter which will make the descents a little less fun. Climbers are advised to take plenty of water, and allow for a 2 hour descent back to the car.





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JG Strydom Tunnel Accommodation, Kruger National Park & Mopani
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