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Hoedspruit District Accommodation

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Hoedspruit District

Hoedspruit, directly translated into Afrikaans means, Hat Creek, is a small but beautiful suburb in Limpopo and is situated at the foot of the Klein Drakensburg.

Hoedspruit - where at first there was only an outpost shop, a bank agency and a rondavel serving as a station building, there is today a friendly town with numerous businesses and a growing population. Hoedspruit, on the Selati Railway line from Phalaborwa to Kaapmuiden, is the heart of the central lowveld, and is conveniently situated for enjoyment of typical Lowveld attractions.

Hoedspruit ("hat creek") acquired its name when, after a long trek over the mountains into the heat of the Lowveld, one of the pioneers removed his hat and threw it into the cool waters of the Sandspruit River and decided to stay. The town is a premier eco-tourist destination for visitors to game lodges and private reserves. With its ever-present views on the Drakensberg escarpment and abutting the Kruger National Park, Hoedspruit is surrounded by beautiful game-rich countryside and has a distinctive rural charm.

Here towering cliffs meet endless expanses of bushveld, the realm of the "Big Five", where vast plains, covered with marula, acacia, combretum and mopani woodlands, stretch as far as the eye can see. Come and enjoy over 80 common mammal species, close on 400 bird species and a variety of amphibian and insect life.

While you are here, remember too that this was the cradle of mankind. Early stone age tools, rock paintings, ruins of stone walls and iron smelting works tell pieces of the ancient tale and the folklore of the Pedi, Tsonga (Shangaan) and Venda peoples - rich with imagery that is part of the African heritage.

So return to where it all began and enjoy one of the last unspoiled regions of Southern Africa. Come to the Hoedspruit region in the central Lowveld heart of the Valley of the Olifants. Meet the local people and discover their customs, crafts and traditional lifestyles. Hike, ramble, view game. Choose to stay in exclusive private game reserves, such as the Timbavati - birthplace and home to the magnificent White Lion, or choose more affordable game lodges, chalets, holiday resorts, bed & breakfasts or secluded camping sites. Soak up the experience of the central Lowveld, a place of crimson sunsets, kindled fires and the haunting call of the wild.

Activities and Attractions:
If the wilderness is your kind of adventure, then this is definately for you. There are hiking trails and wilderness trails full of thrills and fun from waterfalls to caves and gorges to spring waters. This is an experience not to be missed. Another exciting and fun filled day for the whole family is River Rafting where you will enjoy the different rapids and views from the water.

Bombyx Mori Tour
View the whole spectrum of silk production and purchase exclusive silk goods.

Hoedspruit Research & Breeding Centre
Caters for endangered species, including the unique cheetah project at Kapama Lodge.

Adventure Safaris
Rafting, abseiling and hiking in "Big Five" country. Also mountain biking, microlight flights and 4x4 trails.

Moholoholo Rehabilitation Centre
One of the most unique wildlife rehabilitation centres, where injured wild animals and raptors are cared for, rehabilitated and reintroduced into the wild. Successful breeding programmes are in operation. It is regarded as the safe haven for the "Magnificent Seven". To bird enthusiasts these are the martial eagle, black eagle, crowned eagle, tawny eagle, bataleur, African fish eagle and the giant eagle owl. Daily guided tours.

Art Galleries
Various African art gallery and craft centres.

Nyani Tribal Village
Experience the daily lives of a true Shangaan tribe.

Swadini Reptile Park
A private reptile park allowing visitors to view a number of fascinating species.

Timbavati White Lions
The original breeding pair of the famous white lions can be seen on one of many guided drives through Mossie Mostert's game farm. Book at Tourism Information Centre.

Tshukudu Game Lodge
Renowned for projects to reintroduce orphaned animals back into the bush. Many of these animals can still be seen in the bush after the successful transition. Enjoy early morning bush walks with the elephants and other wildlife.

Hoedspruit summers are hot to very hot with most rainfall in the afternoons as thunderstorms and the winter months are generally cool to warm with lots of sunshine during the day with temperatures dropping considerably in the evenings.





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