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Hermanus Lagoon Accommodation

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Hermanus Lagoon in the distance  © Jon Mountjoy, License

Hermanus Lagoon

Hermanus Lagoon
Hermanus Lagoon is in the Western Cape Province of South Africa and is probably one of the most beautiful holiday destinations in the Western Cape with many attractions for the whole family.

Hermanus Lagoon is a popular getaway for locals and visitors. In Hermanus itself, you will be able to watch whales frollick in the water, right before your eyes. Hermanus is also home to some of the finest restaurants where you can enjoy a lovely family meal together with spectacular views. There are hiking trails available nearby Hermanus Lagoon and pristine beaches for you and the family to enjoy walks along with unforgettable views. The well known Hermanus Golf Course is also in the vacinity so if you enjoy relaxing with friends or just want to hit a few practice balls then this is the place to be. In Gansbaai which is not far from Hermanus Lagoon you will be able to go shark cage diving, something well worth doing.

Hermanus Lagoon is in the Western Cape which enjoys warm to hot summer months with cooler, wet winters with the chance of snowcapped mountains.

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Hermanus Lagoon Accommodation, Overberg / Whale Coast
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