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Durban Point Waterfront Accommodation

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  • Durban Point Waterfront - Durban Metro & Durban, KwaZulu Natal  © The Sails C6-01
  • Durban KwaZulu-Natal  © Chantal Scholtz
  • Durban KwaZulu-Natal  © Chantal Scholtz

Durban Point Waterfront

Durban Point Waterfront Holidays - Durban Metro & Durban Tourism, KwaZulu Natal
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Durban Waterfront is one of Durban's most historic and significant urban quarters, but over the years it has been subject to a creeping blight that left it largely abandoned and vacant. All that changed with the 2003 launch of the Durban Point Waterfront, with over R1.8 billion being invested in this Durban area.

The Durban Waterfront lies in a superb location, and enjoys access to a range of modes of travel including pedestrian, road, rail and sea, and therefore has local, national and international connections. Much of the renewed impetus for this initiative in the Durban Waterfront is due to the implementation of the uShaka Marine World project, Africa's largest marine theme park lying on 15 hectares of prime Durban Beachfront property. uShaka houses a 1200 seater dolphinarium, where visitors are thrilled by dolphin and seal performances, retail outlets featuring fashion, arts and crafts and indigenous goods, and a fabulous selection of restaurants, including the Shark Restaurant situated in the themed shipwreck with a window into a shark tank. uShaka's famous Wet 'n Wild World offers excitement, fun and laughter for the whole family, on slides, chutes, tunnel ride's and swimming pools.
This 'must-see-must-do' Durban Point Waterfront attraction was consciously targeted at creating a development impetus for Durban Beachfront, which led to the idea of creating a unique Durban 'waterfront city within a city', in which a system of canals forms the central spine of urban re-development, and where the economic benefits of water frontage extend throughout the Durban waterfront area.

Activities in and around Durban Point Waterfront:

- Gondala Ride the Durban Point Waterfront canal, and taste a little piece of Venice.
- uShaka Beach lies directly opposite uShaka Marine World, and is a well known beach for surfing, kayaking and kitesurfing.
- Durban Undersea Club (DUC) is situated on the beach at Vetch’s Pier, and offers scuba diving, spearfishing, boating, surf ski etc.- If you are not a member, you will need an invitation to use the DUC clubhouse facilities.
- Vetch's Pier stretches out half a kilometre into the Indian Ocean, and is well known as a prime scuba diving spot.
- Whole Food Night Market open on the first Thursday of the month, where you can shop along the Durban Point Waterfront canal for irresistible speciality food.
- Wilson’s Wharf lies right on Durban Harbour. Choose a restaurant and sit and watch the yachts and tankers come into port.

Popular Durban Beachfront beaches near Durban Point Waterfront:

Durban, South Beach - 2.3km from Durban Point Waterfront accommodation
Durban, North Beach - 3.4km from Durban Waterfront Apartments
Durban, Dairy Beach - 3.4km from Durban Point Waterfront Self Catering accommodation
Durban, Bay of Plenty - 3.8km from Durban Waterfront
Durban, Addington Beach - 4km from Durban Waterfront

Venture out from Durban Point Waterfront, and visit neighbouring towns and beaches along the KZN south and north Coast:

South of Durban Point Waterfront:

Ansteys Beach, Bluff - 21 minutes (15.1 km) via M4 from Durban Point Waterfront
Brighton Beach, Bluff - 19 minutes (15.9 km) via M4 from Durban Waterfront
Amanzimtoti - 25 minutes (28.8 km) via M4 and N2 from Durban Point Waterfront

North of Durban Point Waterfront:

Durban North - 20 minutes (12.7 km) via Kenneth Kaunda Rd/M12 from Durban Waterfront
La Lucia - 20 minutes (16.1 km) via Ruth First Hwy/M4 from Durban Waterfront
Umhlanga Rocks - 22 minutes (17.1 km) via Ruth First Hwy/M4 from Durban Point Waterfront

When visiting Durban Point Waterfront, drive in via the N2 north, N2 south or N3, or if you are flying in, King Shaka International Airport lies 20 minutes north of Durban Point Waterfront.
The best time to visit the Durban Waterfront is anytime! Summer can be hot, so don't forget the hat and sunscreen, and Durban winters are mild enough to take a quick dip on the Durban beaches, and only lightly cover up at night.
Where to stay - Durban Point Waterfront offers a good selection of self catering accommodation overlooking the Durban Harbour.
Of course, like any big city, it is best to be cautious if you are walking around alone on the Durban Point Waterfront at night.

Durban Point Waterfront Accommodation - Durban, KwaZulu Natal

Durban Point Waterfront is a unique 'waterfront city within a city' lying in a superb location right next to uShaka Marine World, Africa's largest marine theme park lying on 15 hectares of prime Durban beachfront property.

Reminiscent of Venice, with gondolas gliding up and down the canals that meander through Durban Point Waterfront, this stylish Durban development offers visitors the opportunity to live in modern splendour, while still being close to the fun and excitement that makes Durban one of the most visited cities in the world.

Durban Waterfront offers a variety of Durban Point Waterfront Self Catering accommodation in upscale apartments with unrivaled views across Africa's busiest port and the Indian Ocean coastline. Some of these are Pet Friendly Waterfront Apartments  - check with the establishment owner before bringing your pet with you. (Click here for Durban Point Waterfront Pet Friendly accommodation)

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It is our mission to search for, and recruit a wide selection of suitable Durban Waterfront accommodation, particularly the more popular category -  Durban Waterfront Self Catering accommodation, which is a category more geared for family holidays, a sure indicatiion that, we strive to present a mixture of upmarket Durban Waterfront accommodation, and affordable Point Waterfront holiday accommodation to suit all pockets and tastes.

WhereToStay tries to keep the Durban Point Waterfront Self Catering standards at the highest levels relative to tariffs charged. Misleading advertising related to any listings of Durban Point holiday accommodation should be reported so that WhereToStay can act accordingly.





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Durban Point Waterfront Accommodation, Durban
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