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The Pont at Malgas

The Pont at Malgas

Before traveling from Cape Town was made easier by road, Malagas was an inland port for steamboats transporting provisions to the Swellendam area. Malagas was the name of a Hottentot chief, whose kraal was situated near the site of the Malagas village . The name of the village was changed to Malgas because in the early days of the Postal services, post for the village ended up in Malaga Spain! But today the village is not known for the steamboats, the Hottentot Chief, or even the port but rather from the man drawn pontoon across the Breede River. The pont was a service which was started in 1860 and is still in operation today as the last working example in South Africa. The pont runs from sunrise to sunset and hauls vehicles, pedestrian and livestock across the river.
Why not take a drive and experience a service from a bygone era.

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