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Fleurdal, Bloemfontein Accommodation

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Fleurdal, Bloemfontein

Fleurdal is a small residential area in Bloemfontein in the Free State, South Africa. It is a lovely clean and neat area with beautifully, well looked after gardens and tree-lined streets. It is close to all amenities which makes it convenient for shopping and socialising. The airport is also not far from Fleurdal which makes it convenient for visitors and holiday-makers. There is so much to see and do in the area from malls, parks, museums and a very popular casino.

The Windmill Casino is popular amongst locals and visitors and is suitable for the whole family. There's a variety of slot machines and betting tables as well as fine dining at a restaurant. There is Tenpin Bowling and a video arcade and a ceche and entertainment area for the children. The Fire Station Museum, Bloemfontein is an interesting visit for all ages and visits are by appointment only. You will get to see up to 17 vintage fire engines dating from 1926 to 1984. There is much more to see, be sure not to miss out on this exciting museum. The Bloemfontein Rose Festival is a very popular annual event. Bloemfontein residents take great pride in their gardens creating sanctuaries of vivid colours, water and soothing greenery, quite fitting for it name which means The City of Roses. Needles to say the Bloemfontein Rose Festival was born. In the city blessed with sunny days and moderate weather. Kings Park Bloemfontein is well known by residents and visitors. On the fist Saturday of every month there is an Arts and Crafts Market. There are many stalls with foods and lots of interesting goodies for the whole family. It is a great way to spend the day relaxing. The Lochlogan Waterfront is the largest shopping centre in South Africa and is very popular amongst locals and visitors. It is close to the International Airport which makes it easy access for local and international visitors in the area. There is a variety of fine restaurants, over 100 shops, a number of great fast food outlets, a gym, banks, movies and much more entertainment for all ages. Throughout the year there's a variety of exciting expos, demos and shows focusing on many different functions and seasonal topics. Don't miss out while in the area, be sure to stop at the centre and experience it for yourself.

Fleurdal is situated in Bloemfontein in the Free State which enjoys warm to very hot summer months with most rainfall as afternoon thunderstorms. The Free State winter months are cool to very cold and temperatures dropping considerably in the evenings. Most winters are accompanied by snowfall on the mountains.





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Fleurdal, Bloemfontein Accommodation, Transgariep & Goldfields
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