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Brandwag, Bloemfontein Accommodation

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Brandwag, Bloemfontein

Brandwag is a relatively upmarket town in Bloemfontein in the Freestate. The airport is less than 5km away which makes it very convenient for travellers.

Brandwag is close to all amenities and entertainment facilities such as a golf course which is less than 5km away, a casino which is only 10km away and is not far from the Bloemfontein Zoo which is a lovely outing for the whole family with a variety of wildlife on show such as the infamous Big Five, hippos, buch, panthers and the very popular and fascinating liger (cross between a tiger and a lion). Another place which makes Brandwag popular is the fact that it is nearby the Vodacom Park sports grounds which will be used to host some of the 2010 Fifa World Cup and is also used for a variety of other sports such as cricket, hockey and athletics.

Brandwag is in Bloemfontein thus has a moderate climate with hot to very hot summer months with most of its rainfall as thunderstorms and cool to very cold winter months.





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