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Bloemfontein Mangaung Rose Festival

Where: Bloemfontein
When: 18-20 October 2019
For more Information:  Mangaung Rose Festival
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Bloemfontein Mangaung Rose Festival

Typically known for it historical sandstone architecture, the Rose Festival brings about a change in the towns atmosphere, with beauty pageants, cultural performances, organised tours, open air markets and special theatre productions. The decision that a couple of council members made in the mid 1970s has built up a unique festival for Bloemfontein which was truly necessary for this land locked Free State town. Bloemfontein residents take great pride in their gardens creating sanctuaries of vivid colours, water and soothing greenery, quite fitting for it name which means The City of Roses. Needles to say the Bloemfontein Rose Festival was born. In the city blessed with sunny days and moderate weather.

Unlike many festivals which take place, this festival has many locations around the city but the majority of the activities centre arounf Loch Logan Waterfront. These activities include rose exhibitions, open air markets, and the highlight of the festival, the Miss Rosebud contest. As is expected in almost all African events there is a large contingent of indigenous arts and crafts with the BaSotho people singing and dancing in the open air markets. Trademark BaSotho hats, blankets and carving work can also be purchased at the markets. Special performances at the Sand du Plessis include anything from serious drama pieces to local performances by singers, comics or dancers, and are all worth the experience.

Join the thousands of local and international visitors who visit Bloemfontein every year to experience this truly awesome spectacle, The Mangaun Rose Festival. The festival dates change yearly but generally remain in the month of October.

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