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Choet Visser Rugby Museum

Choet Visser Rugby Museum
The privately owned Choet Visser Rugby Museum was first opened in 1974 and by 1976, 5000 people had been through the doors. Choet Visser was a Free State Rugby Legend and his grandson Nico du Plessis wrote a boon in 1994 about his grandfathers Museum. He stated that the collection houses thousands of sweaters, jackets, balls, pictures and ties. The are also original, signed cartoons and pictures of teams and players displayed on the walls. As well as the oldest item which is the agenda for the establishment of the English Rugby Football Union, the oldest rugby union in 1871, which was convened in the Pall Mall Restaurant in London. Nico also states that his grandfather had strict rules for his collection. One of which was that an item must have been a gift. He never bought anything.

During the 25th anniversary of the 1974 Lions triumph in South Africa which was held in 1999 in Edinburgh, Princess Anne, the patron of the Scottish Rugby Union, was sitting next to the Free State rugby legend and commented saying, "So you are the famous Choet Visser of whom everyone is talking about."

Although Visser passed away on 30 June 2005, his legend lives on in the Choert Visser Rugby Museum. The museum is open from Monday to Saturday by appointment only, but for rugby fans a visit to this museum is a very rewarding experience and worth the effort.

For more information please contact:
Telephone: +27-82-4921600
Physical Address:
3 Innes Avenue
Free State

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