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Bloemfontein Golf Club

Bloemfontein Golf Club

Steeped in tradition, built on a history of over 114 years, the Bloemfontein Golf Club has also adapted and moved forward with the times. Today the 850+ members that make up and run the club are proud of the heritage that it holds, including the exhibition match between Jack Nicklaus and Gary Player in 1966. The course, designed by Matkovich more recently upgraded by Hayes in 1994, is a pleasant 18 hole par 72 and only 6km from the Bloemfontein city centre. Along with your usual amenities you will find golf carts and caddies available at a cost, either over 9 or the whole 18 holes.

Facilities include a bar, half way house, board room, function facilities and a restaurant.

Bloemfontein Golf Club is open daily and visitors are always welcome.
Contact Tel:+27-51-4470906 for bookings and enquiries.

Physical Address
Mazelspoort Road
South Africa

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