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De Kelders Accommodation

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De Kelders

De Kelders is Dutch for "the caves" and describes a residential area on the shores of Walker Bay that is, quite literally, home to the Southern Right Whale. Between July through August this is where they come to calve and they come right up to within a few metres of the rocks. Just 25 minutes from Hermanus and 5 minutes from Gansbaai, De Kelders is largely peaceful and undisturbed and despite its attractions, has managed to remain immune to large scale tourism.

A number of caves penetrate into the rock formations under the houses of De Kelders, the most famous of which is Klipgat Cave, just outside of De Kelders in the Walker Bay Nature Reserve, where some of the oldest findings of modern man have been discovered. Follow the 7km Klipgat Trail along the coast from Gansbaai harbour to the cave. Waters are treacherous in the area and currents strong, so this isn't swimming country but breathtaking stretches of beach are wonderful for walking and you can snorkel and scuba dive.





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De Kelders Accommodation, Overberg / Whale Coast
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