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Champagne Valley Accommodation

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Champagne Valley - Drakensberg & Surroundings, KwaZulu Natal  © Shiriba Lodge

Champagne Valley

Champagne Valley Holidays - Drakensberg & Surroundings Tourism, KwaZulu Natal
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Champagne Valley in the Drakensberg Mountains of KwaZulu Natal is towered over by two mountains, Cathkin Peak and Champagne Castle Peak, which is one of the highest peaks in the Drakensberg & Surroundings. Situated in the Mdedelo Wilderness Area of the Central Drakensberg, Champagne Valley is accessed via the N3 through Winterton, which is said to have received its name from the first climber’s need to celebrate at the Drakensberg peak with a bottle of champagne, only to drop it before he could commemorate his notable achievement.

As a popular family destination, the Champagne Valley, Drakensberg & Surroundings is renowned for the number of activities available that will keep your family entertained throughout your stay:

- Hike in the Drakensberg, Monks Cowl Nature Reserve.
- For an unforgettable adventure, horse ride through Champagne Valley.
- Hot air ballooning in Champagne Valley is a wonderfull way to experience the Central Drakensberg.
- Golf at Champagne Sports Resort, rated as SA's most beautiful golf course.
- Bowl at the Drakensberg Nest Hotel on three championship bowling greens.
- Fish at the Bell Park Dam for rainbow trout in Champagne Valley.
- For Champagne Valley arts and crafts, visit African Loomers based at Ardmore Guest Farm.
- A visit to the Bird Show near Cathkin is a must.
- Pamper yourself at beauty / wellness centres at The Drakensberg Nest Hotel and Champagne Sports Resort.
- Indulge in fabulous cuisine at Champagne Valley Resorts.
- Enjoy music in the Champagne Valley Drakensberg mountains with The Drakensberg Boys’ Choir.
- For a little bit of history, Champagne Valley is about 45 minutes from the historic battlefield sites.

Visit towns in or near near Champagne Valley:

- White Mountain Area (62.6km from Champagne Valley accommodation)
- Winterton (on the Central Berg border)

Champagne Valley Accommodation - Drakensberg, KwaZulu Natal

The Champagne Valley is towered over by two mighty mountains - Cathkin Peak and Champagne Castle - guaranteed to take your breath away.

Champagne Valley accommodation boasts splendid unrestricted mountain views of this very special part of the Central Drakensberg. with stunning views of the highest peaks in South Africa.

Champagne Valley accommodation offers Drakensberg visitors the peace and tranquility of country life. Some Champagne Valley accommodation units cater for larger families, sleeping 10 or more guests, whilst others will also welcome your pets under our Champagne Valley Pet Friendly accommodation category.

For all round family fun and entertainment, stay in Holiday Resort accommodation in Champagne Valley - These accommodation facilities generally also cater for  business meetings and conferences in the Champagne Valley region.

Be sure to check these other Special Categories for Champagne Valley accommodation:

- Champagne Valley Holiday Accommodation - 4x4/Quad/Bike Trails
- Champagne Valley Accommodation - Fresh-Water Fishing
- Champagne Valley Holiday Accommodation - Golf Estate
- Champagne Valley Accommodation - Wheelchair Friendly

WhereToStay has searched for, and recruited a wide selection of suitable Champagne Valley accommodation and Champagne Valley Holiday accommodation.

We present to the Champagne Valley accommodation guest with a mixture of upmarket Champagne Valley accommodation, as well as affordable accommodation to suit all pockets and tastes and  more geared for family holiday accommodation in Champagne Valley.

If you have doubts about accommodation quality, we recommend that you consider Star Graded accommodation in Champagne Valley,

See WhereToStay for our Star Graded Champagne Valley accommodation page.

99% of all Champagne Valley lodgings that are listed on WhereToStay will display rates for your convenience. Occasionally a Champagne Valley accommodation owner will ask you to request a quotation.

WhereToStay tries to keep the Champagne Valley holiday accommodation standards at the highest levels relative to tariffs charged. Misleading advertising related to any listings of Champagne Valley accommodation should be reported so that we can act accordingly.





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Champagne Valley Accommodation, Drakensberg & Surroundings
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