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SA Museum of Military History

Formerly known as the South African National War Museum, the SA Museum of Military History holds a vast collection of 44 000 items, including weapons, military aircraft, medals, uniforms, military music, photographs, books, and propaganda.

The museum has many interesting military exhibits, most notably of military hardware, such as guns, tanks, armoured vehicles, and even a submarine.

The collection comprises military equipment starting from the Anglo Boer War, World War One, World War Two, and most recently, the civil war against Apartheid.

The museum also has several well-equipped facilities to handle various kinds of functions, as listed below.


Marrières Wood Banqueting Room
- dining and cocktail function
- 160 diners / cocktail space for 250/300

Delville Wood Workshop Room
- desks for 100 people
- overhead projector

JC Lemmer Auditorium
- seats 176
- various projectors (35 mm, overhead, VHS)
- PA system, white boards

The Terrace
- 45 seated and 60/70 for cocktails

Dan Pienaar Gun Park:
- cocktail and dining facility
- 180 seated and 350 for cocktails

MUSEUM SHOP - memorabilia
Vargas Café

- Erlswold Way, Saxonwald
- adjacent to the Johannesburg Zoo

open daily 09.00 - 16.30

Tel: +27 (011) 646 5513
Fax +27 (011) 646 5256

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