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Sea Point Pavilion and Swimming Pool

Sea Point Pavilion & Swimming Pool. A Coastal Gem in Cape Town.  © Hilton1949, License

Sea Point Pavilion and Swimming Pool

The Sea Point Pavilion and Swimming Pool, situated along Cape Town's picturesque Atlantic Seaboard, is a beloved recreational facility that offers both locals and visitors a unique and scenic swimming experience. Established in 1958, the complex has become an iconic part of the Sea Point Promenade, renowned for its Olympic-sized pool, pristine facilities, and breathtaking ocean views. The pools' location allows swimmers to enjoy the refreshing saltwater while gazing at the expansive Atlantic Ocean, creating a one-of-a-kind aquatic experience.

The complex features four different pools: an Olympic-sized main pool, a diving pool, a splash pool for children, and a shallow, bath-warm learners' pool, catering to swimmers of all ages and skill levels. The main pool, with its lanes often filled with serious swimmers and recreational bathers alike, offers a perfect blend of leisure and sport. The diving pool, equipped with diving boards, attracts those looking to practice their skills or simply enjoy the thrill of diving. For families, the children's pool and the learners' pool provide safe and enjoyable environments for younger swimmers, ensuring a fun day out for everyone.

Beyond the pools themselves, the Sea Point Pavilion is part of the broader Sea Point Promenade, a popular area for walking, jogging, and cycling, making it a vibrant community hub. The Pavilion offers changing facilities, showers, and sunbathing areas, ensuring comfort and convenience for visitors. The nearby lawns and beaches invite picnics and relaxation, while the surrounding cafes and restaurants provide plenty of dining options for those looking to extend their stay. With its combination of well-maintained facilities, stunning ocean views, and a welcoming atmosphere, the Sea Point Pavilion and Swimming Pool is a cherished destination for recreation and relaxation in Cape Town.

Open daily from 09:00 to 17:00. The pools are chlorinated, sea-water swimming pools with spectacular views over the Atlantic Ocean.

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