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Cyril Jackson Observatory

Cyril Jackson Observatory
Cyril Jackson was a prominent South African Astronomer who discovered / co-discovered three comets and 72 asteroids which made him one of South Africas leading Astronomers. These discoveries included the periodic comets 47P / Ashbrook Jackson and 58P / Jackson Neujmin, both named after the astronomer. Jackson worked mainly in South Africa, Australia and South America, but during the last years before retirement, in the early 1950s, he built an observatory on his farm named Hilltop in the Haenertsburg district. After his retirement he moved to the farm and used the observatory. He sold the observatory ground in the 1970s and the site was forgotten about until it was rediscovered. Magda Streicher identified the site, had the site registered as a Provinsial Heritage Site with the National Heritage Foundation, and managed to contribute a display at the local Haenertburg museum.

The small stone observatory lies 3 kilometres from Haenertsburg on the road to Polokwane, the R71. (Visitors shouls turn off at the Fillys Way sign and drive 800m further, it will be on your right hand side)

The museum in Haenertsburg kindly allowed Magda Streicher to display some material.

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