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Festival of Chariots

Festival of Chariots
The Festival of Chariots is relatively new and is held in Cape Town, South Africa. The festival has origins in Jagannath Puri, India and is becoming more popular in South Africa. The event will start at the Seapoint Civic Hall in Seapoint, Cape Town on the 26th December 2011.
The Festival of Chariots is a cultural celebration and offers participants and spectators the opportunity to explore and appreciate the culture and lifestyle.
The festival offers a variety of entertainment from classical dance items to musical performances as well as lots of entertainment for the children from face painting, jumping castles and much more.
The event also gives visitors the opportunity to enjoy the variety of cuisine on offer, as well as learning more about the cooking traditions through cooking demonstrations.

The highlight of the festival is the procession where thousands of festival goers hand pull the 20 meter chariot. The huge chariot is colourful and bears the figures of Jagannath, Baladeva and Subhadra. The streets are festive and the procession is accompanied by singing and dancing.

Entrance is free so bring the whole family to enjoy in the celebrations, fun and delicious delicacies.

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