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Agatha Crocodile Ranch

Agatha Crocodile Ranch

Claiming to be one of the best attractions the Limpopo province has to offer, the Agatha Crocodile Ranch is definitely a must see while in this beautiful part of South Africa. Set on an Avocado pear farm just outside of Tzaneen, this picturesque setting is a perfect day out for those wanting to get up "up close and personal" with one of the worlds living legends, the Nile crocodile, but not exactly wanting to wrestle with them in the water. With over 220 Nile crocodiles in the park, it is not advisable to hop the fences and take a dip in the cool water. You may however choose to take the tour of the park and with the help of trained tour operators, feed the larger crocs and touch some of the babies.

The park was started by Milan and Blanka Darazs from Bratislavain 1978, only 9 years after they had immigrated to South Africa. Blanka bought her husband two baby crocs for his birthday and their passion and their park was born. Today the park stretches across this beautiful farm, with its predators basking the the African sun. "Rufus" is the big boy on the farm, he is about 49 years old and measures in at 4.2m long. Other crocodiles excluding the young ones range between 3m and 4.2m.

The park also organizes educational tours on request and includes a lecture room which can be booked out for conferences of up to 90 seats. There is a remarkable art gallery displaying works created by the local people in the area. Some of these arts and crafts are also available for purchase in the curio shop which also sells crocodile items and gifts as reminders of your trip to the Agatha Crocodile Ranch.

Agatha Crocodile Ranch also has the following crocodile meat for sale (when available): whole tails, sosaties, wors and fillets.

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