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Diaz Beach, Cape Point

Cape Point with Diaz Beach in the background  © Graeme Churchard, License

Diaz Beach, Cape Point

Diaz Beach

Surrounded by sheer craggy cliffs, one of the most scenically stunning Cape Town beaches is just over an hour's drive from Cape Town. Diaz Beach is situated in the Cape Point Nature Reserve, right at the tip of Cape Point on the western side. With an hour's drive, a R35.00 entrance fee, and lots of steps to get to the beach and back up again, what is Diaz Beaches appeal? Well, all of the above help to make Diaz beach what it is, and its seclusion makes sure that its extreme beauty is matched only by its peaceful atmosphere. You may even have the whole beach to yourself, apart from the baboons who occasionally venture down to the beach.

Once you reach the Cape Point road continue all the way to the end until you reach the parking lot. The beach itself is not accessible by road, and the 20 min walk down and 30-40 min walk up is well worth the reward of spending time basking on the snow-white sand surrounded by 200m wave-battered cliffs and ocean. When you close your eyes the only sounds you will hear are the sounds of the waves, the birds and the wind. No traffic noise, no crowds and that unmissed electronic buzz which we only realise is there when you come to quiet secluded spots like Diaz Beach.

Most of the year the beach is protected by its steep cliffs from the winds blowing down from the north, but the prevailing summer winds blow from the south. Diaz Beach can produce excellent waves with a north westerly wind and the right swell direction. This is why the surfers love it, for its big, hollow, closeout barrels. Be warned though, bathing can be dangerous and it is possible to get trapped by the tide if you stray across to the bottom of the cliffs on the Cape Point side.

But there is more than just bathing and surfing. Photographers love this secluded beach for its awesome beauty and many moods created by waves, lighting and variations in the water and sky colours. And for couples, nothing beats a romantic beach walk along this beautiful piece of coastline.

Visit Diaz Beach, escape the crowds, and experience, for even just a few minutes, this raw, untamed stretch of Atlantic Ocean shoreline, where early explorers sailed just a short distance offshore from where you are standing.

Remember to bring everything you may need because there is no little beach shop to shoot into for those things you forgot. And remember to bring them down to the beach otherwise you will be drawing straws to see who is climbing back up to the car to get them.

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