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Happy Valley

Happy Valley, Port Elizabeth, Eastern Cape  © pixabay

Happy Valley

Happy Valley is situated on Port Elizabeth's main beachfront, a short distance from the popular Humewood Beach, and displays a magical wonderland of amazing lights and well known children's characters. Happy Valley is located in a natural valley, which has the Shark River running through it. The river was once the main water supply for Port Elizabeth, though today sadly it is nothing more than a small artificial stream.

Happy Valley experienced great difficulties during the great flood of 1968, when most of its contents were washed out to sea. Fortunately the popular Port Elizabeth attraction was soon rebuilt to its present charming status, and now serves as brilliant place for relaxed strolls and pleasant family picnics in the shade of trees.

During the holiday seasons, the walk through garden with landscaped lawns, shady trees, lily ponds and trickling water features, is lit up with magnificent displays of colourful lights and an assortment of popular characters such as Winnie the Pooh and Peter Pan, Shrek and Harry Potter. In between visitors find leprechauns, three blind mice, Superman and a wide variety of others. There are also lights in the shape of animals and coloured lights which provide an ambience against the surrounding vegetation.

Entrance into Happy Valley is free of charge.

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