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Northern Arts Festival

Northern Arts Festival - Bethelsdorp, Western Region, Eastern Cape  © pixabay

Northern Arts Festival

Every year in September, the annual Northern Arts Festival takes place at Van Der Kemps Kloof Nature Reserve, in Port Elizabeth's suburb of Bethelsdorp. The Northern Arts Festival serves as a means to close the gap between the arts and community development, and hopes to do so through the medium of music. The festival is an introduction, a celebration and and platform to display South Africa's cultural strength through the medium of the arts.

The Northern Arts Festival is a pleasant mix of music and cultural experiences for those seeking a central point for creativity, entertainment and cultural diversity, and is sure to be a highlight of the avid festival goer's event calendar.

The festival will provide both a showcase, and an ideal opportunity for exposure, for talented artists and musicians, with a primary focus on emerging talent. The Northern Arts Festival also pays tribute to various industry leaders, academics and community leader, and features a line up of established acts and personalities for the local area. A number of government exhibitors, musicians, businesses, local craftsmen and food vendors amongst others will be featured at the event.

For more information, visit the festival's official website: http://www.northernarts.co.za/, send an email to info@northernarts.co.za, or call Billy Paulson on 082 443 2209.

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