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Vermaaklikheid : Accommodation & Points Of Interest


Vermaaklikheid is situated close to the Duivenhoks River. The river is suitable for fishing, boating, sailing and canoeing. Please note that Jet-ski's and waterskiing is not allowed on the river.

If you sail or powerboat from Vermaaklikheid to the rivermouth, close to Puntjie, fishermen will most probably catch some elf, kob, white steenbras, leervis, grunter, or musselcrackers. The kabeljou feed on the mullet in the estuaries.

If you go south from Vermaaklikheid, you will find some "Kapsteilhuises", buildings of a bygone era. The estuary offers some sailing and canoeing. Puntjie is a safe beach, suitable for swimming.

Close to Vermaaklikheid is a game farm stocked with zebra, hartebees, bontebok and rhebuck. The area is abound with birds, with more than 100 species available, and therefore offers some good opportunities for bird watching. Vegetation in the Vermaaklikheid area consists mainly of the southern cape and limestone fynbos.

This is a region with a temperate climate but during winter months the sea can get very rough with swells of over 5 meters.