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Port Shepstone

Port Shepstone Holidays - South Coast Tourism, KwaZulu Natal
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A popular tourist destination on the KZN South Coast, Port Shepstone has 20kms of beautiful South Coast beaches stretching north and south on the Hibiscus Coast (now known as Ray Nkonyeni Municipality), which provides opportunities for excellent surfing, fishing, snorkelling, scuba diving and swimming. Port Shepstone is also the South Coast town where the 'home of all rivers' - the mighty Mzimkulu River meets the sea. Here you can take a boat trip and spot wildlife along the river banks, or river raft, canoe, windsurf and water ski.

For those who prefer dry ground, the Port Shepstone Country Club is one of the best South Coast golf courses, and known as a gem on the golfing circuit for its warm and sunny year-round climate. The Port Shepstone Country Club offers an eighteen hole golf course with a wide variety of golfing challenges, after which you can share your experiences with the local golfers at the 19th hole and clubhouse. Port Shepstone Golf Club is genuinely one of the friendliest clubs on the entire KZN South Coast, with a mellow atmosphere created through 'after golf weekend music', and splendid well-priced weekend braai dinners.

Other things to do and see in and around Port Shepstone, South Coast:

The Port Shepstone Museum offers visitors a glimpse into the history of the town.
Port Shepstone Lighthouse built in 1906, can be found at the mouth of the Mzimkulu River.
Thrill the kids with a visit to the South Coast Pure Venom Reptile Park - 15 minutes from Port Shepstone.
South Coast Riverbend Crocodile Farm (25 minutes from Port Shepstone) - home to about 200 Nile crocodiles.
Dive at Pretoria Banks Reef - a popular diving destination teeming with fish and sharks -17 minutes from Port Shepstone.
Cave dive at Uvongo Lagoon - not recommended for the faint hearted! - (22 minutes from Port Shepstone.
See a diversity of vibrant bird life at Uvongo Bird Park - 19 minutes from Port Shepstone.
Oribi Gorge Nature Reserve, a great place for scenic day trips - 42 minutes from Port Shepstone.

Also visit these South Coast towns (south of Port Shepstone):

Oslo Beach (5.5km from Port Shepstone holiday accommodation) ...  the place to surf and fish.
Shelly Beach (11.1km from Port Shepstone accommodation) ... a beautiful South Coast Blue Flag beach.
St Michaels-on-Sea (13km from Port Shepstone holiday accommodation) ... home to C-Bali - seafood restaurant overlooking the beach.
Uvongo (19.4km from Port Shepstone accommodation) ... known as the anglers paradise.

Other South Coast towns (north of Port Shepstone):

Umtentweni (4.8km from Port Shepstone holiday accommodation) ... offers excellent fishing, surfing and swimming
Sea Park (9.8km from Port Shepstone accommodation) ... the place to 'get away from it all'.
Southport (11.4km from Port Shepstone holiday accommodation) ... a sleepy hollow, for idyllic sunbathing, fishing, diving and snorkelling.
Anerley (12.8km from Port Shepstone accommodation) ... another sleepy hollow and a prime spot for shad fishing.

Important Port Shepstone telephone numbers and travel information:

South Coast Tourism: Tel: 039 682 7944
Port Shepstone Hibiscus Hospital: 039 682 4882
Port Shepstone Police: 039 688 1029/30
Port Shepstone Fire Department: 039 688 2110 / 083 528 3749
Port Shepstone Vet: 039 682 2522

If you plan on motoring from Durban, take the N2 to Port Shepstone - 130km (just over an hour's drive). If you want to fly in, the nearest small craft airport to Port Shepstone is Margate - 19 km from the center of Port Shepstone.

Port Shepstone Accommodation - South Coast, KwaZulu Natal

Port Shepstone is the South Coast town where the 'home of all rivers' - the mighty Mzimkulu River meets the sea. Originally inhabited by the San, then the Zulu's, modern day Port Shepstone has evolved into a premier holiday resort, a popular KZN South Coast tourist destination with 20km's of beautiful beaches stretching north and south on the Hibiscus Coast. Port Shepstone beaches provide great opportunities for surfing, scuba diving, snorkelling and swimming, with a magnificent tidal pool that was built more than a century ago. Port Shepstone is also the 'fishing mecca' of the South Coast, with rich fishing grounds at Sandspit and 'The Block’, truly epitomizing the saying 'a bad day of fishing is better than a good day of work'.

Golfers will enjoy the Port Shepstone Country Club - one of the best South Coast golf courses on the golfing circuit. The Port Shepstone Country Club offers an eighteen hole golf course with a wide variety of golfing challenges, and is also known as one of the friendliest clubs on the Hibiscus Coast.
Also visit the Port Shepstone Museum; Oribi Gorge Nature Reserve; Pure Venom Reptile Park, and the Port Shepstone Lighthouse.
For the adventurous, scuba dive the renowned Shelly Beach Pretoria Banks Reef  7km out to sea, and dive the caves of the Uvongo Lagoon (not recommended for the faint hearted).

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Port Shepstone Accommodation, South Coast
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