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St Michaels-on-Sea Accommodation

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St Michaels-on-Sea

St Michaels-on-Sea Holidays - South Coast, KwaZulu Natal
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The surfer’s paradise of St Michaels-on-Sea is a fantastic South Coast holiday spot, with its main swimming beach protected by shark nets, and patrolled by lifeguards during school holidays. The warm Indian Ocean waters invites swimmers and surfers from far to surf the south coast super swells and large waves, or snorkel and scuba dive the exquisite reefs. The warm Indian Ocean invites swimmers and surfers from afar to surf the South Coast super swells and large waves, or snorkel and scuba dive the exquisite reefs. Visitors can also enjoy windsurfing, jetskiing, boating and fishing in this South Coast playground.
Golfers must try a quick game at St Michaels wonderful 9 hole golf course, which is challenging with a number of water features, or have a game of bowls, tennis and squash.

If you are visiting St Michaels-on-Sea around April, don't miss the Harley Davidson Bike Africa Week, where more than 10 000 motorcyclists converge on the KZN South Coast for this annual event.
The Mallards & Mercury Ski-Boat Festival held around July each year is one of the most successful and biggest ski-boat competitions in South Africa, and by far the largest fishing competition on the Hibiscus Coast.

Attractions near St Michaels-on-Sea:

Pure Venom Reptile Park (6.5km from St Michael's-On-Sea)
Port Shepstone Lighthouse (11km from St Michael's-On-Sea)
Riverbend Crocodile Farm (16.1km from St Michael's-On-Sea)
Frederika Nature Reserve (19.4km from St Michael's-On-Sea)

While in St Michaels-on-Sea, do yourself a favour and eat at C-Bali, a stylish seafood restaurant overlooking St Michaels-on-Sea Beach. Here you can indulge in the 'Flying Dutchman Potjie', a medley of seafood in a creamy garlic and parsley sauce served in a truly South African way.

Visit South Coast towns north of St Michaels-on-Sea:

Shelly Beach - 1.9km from St Michaels-on-Sea accommodation
Oslo Beach - 10.3km from St Michaels-on-Sea accommodation
Port Shepstone - 13km from St Michaels-on-Sea accommodation
Umtentweni - 13.7km from St Michaels-on-Sea accommodation

South Coast towns south of St Michaels-on-Sea:

Uvongo - 3.6km from St Michaels-on-Sea accommodation
Manaba Beach  - 3.8km from St Michaels-on-Sea accommodation
Ramsgate - 7.3km 17 minutes from St Michaels-on-Sea accommodation
Margate - 7.7km from St Michaels-on-Sea accommodation

St Michaels-on-Sea Holiday Accommodation

St Michaels-on-Sea invites all those who love to swim, surf and scuba dive to visit this delightful KwaZulu Natal South Coast paradise. St Michaels main swimming beach, protected by shark nets, and patrolled by lifeguards during school holidays, offers swimmers and surfers a safe environment to surf the South Coast super swells, and scuba dive the magnificent reefs. Other water sports in St Michaels-on-Sea include windsurfing, jetskiing and boating, and fishermen can explore some superb fishing spots.
Land lovers will enjoy a quick game of golf at St Mike's 9-hole golf course (as it's fondly known), or have a game of bowls, tennis and squash.
On the odd rainy summer day, entertain yourself at nearby Shelly Centre, easily the South Coast's most popular seaside shopping destination, as it offers it all - retail shopping, restaurants, movies etc.

This tranquil and idyllic little South Coast town offers an abundance of stunning St Michaels-on-Sea Self Catering accommodation with stunning sea views, and Star Graded St Michaels-on-Sea Bed & Breakfast / Guest House accommodation just 100m away from the beach.
St Michaels-on-Sea accommodation is very popular with larger families - some establishments can accommodate up to 15 persons in one single large holiday house. (See the WhereToStay St Michaels-on-Sea accommodation - Sleeps 10 or More page).
For guests with more specific needs, select St Michaels-on-Sea accommodation establishments cater for those who need wheelchair friendly facilities (See the WhereToStay St Michaels-on-Sea Wheelchair Friendly accommodation page)

Privately owned accommodation in St Michaels-on-Sea is in abundance, particularly the St Michaels-on-Sea holiday flats which are generally more popular than cottages, and should be investigated for their "great value" and easy access to the main St Michaels beach.

St Michaels-on-Sea accommodation establishments are particularly busy during school and public holidays when inland residents flock to the South Coast, so early booking is essential.

Visit The Where To Stay South Coast, St Michaels-on-Sea Accommodation Page

WhereToStay is on a mission to search for, and recruit a wide selection of suitable, St Michaels-on-Sea accommodation, in particular the more popular St Michaels-on-Sea holiday accommodation categories.
St Michaels-on-Sea Guest House / B&B accommodation is more popular amongst business personnel and those seeking a more luxurious, catered St Michaels-on-Sea holiday, while St Michaels-on-Sea Self Catering accommodation is more suited to longer family holidays.

If you have doubts about St Michaels-on-Sea accommodation quality, you should consider Star Graded St Michaels-on-Sea accommodation (click here for our Star Graded St Michaels-on-Sea accommodation page)..

Be sure to check our special category for St Michaels-on-Sea accommodation - Fresh-Water Fishing

You can find suitable St Michaels-on-Sea accommodation properties via our "Map Search" or our other simple "Quick Search" options on WhereToStay - Simply fill in the desired town or suburb then the desired category..........and you're away.

St Michaels-on-Sea accommodation SPECIALS are advertised from time to time - look out for these on our multitude of advertising listings.

Afrikaans alternate search phrase - St Michaels-on-Sea akommodasie or St Michaels-on-Sea akomodasie.or St Michaels-on-Sea akomodasie or St Michaels-on-Sea verblyf or St Michaels-on-Sea vakansie verblyf or St Michaels-on-Sea Woonstelverblyf  or St Michaels-on-Sea blyplekke.









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St Michaels-on-Sea Accommodation, South Coast
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