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Moditlo Private Game Reserve Accommodation

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Moditlo Private Game Reserve

Moditlo Private Game Reserve
The Moditlo Private Game Reserve is situated in the Limpopo Province of South Africa. Pronounced Mo Di’ Tlo, the name means, where the elephants are. The Moditlo Private Game Reserve is a popular retreat. It is the perfect getaway and is situated near a town called Hoedspruit which is known as South Africa’s prime wildlife area. Moditlo is home to four of the Big Five, lion, elephant, leopard and white rhino.

The Moditlo Private Game Reserve is made up of two types of eco-zones, the Nothern Thornveld eco-zone and the Southern Bushwillow Woodlands eco-zone.

The Nothern Thornveld eco-zone
This area outlines the younger surface of dark brown loams. These are derived from the basalt. The soil (grabbo) in this region allows for grass that is edible for the areas grazers such as wildebeest, zebra, white rhino and waterbuck. You would also get to see lion, cheetah, hyena, wild dog, leopard and many other buck and bigger wildlife. The area is also covered with a variety of tree species.

The Southern Bushwillow Woodlands eco-zone
The Southern eco-zone is found on underlying granite bedrock. This area has gentle slopes, rocky outcrops, boulders, rivers and streams. A very large variety of shrubs and trees are found in this eco-zone from sycamore figs, weeping wattle, buffalo thorn and many more. Wildlife you will get to see in the area are, lion, hyena, jackal, giraffe, impala and many more buck species as well as zebra, white rhino and warthog to mention only a few.

The Hoedspruit Endangered Species Centre is nearby and is a research centre for endangered species. It is an interesting visit for the whole family. The centre also offers a student programme as well as temporary holiday working opportunities. The Thornybush Game Reserve is another great family adventure in the area. You will get to see the Big Five and enjoy game drives and 4x4 tours. A very popular and exciting attraction in the area is Hot Air Ballooning, Hoedspruit. It is a unique experience, not to be missed.

The Limpopo area enjoys warm to hot summer months with most rainfall as thunderstorms. The winter months are cooler and dry.




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Moditlo Private Game Reserve Accommodation, Kruger National Park & Mopani
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