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Polokwane Game Reserve

Polokwane Game Reserve

Just a 10 minute drive from the centre of Polokwane, previously known as Pietersburg, you will find is the entrance to the Polokwane Game Reserve, one of the largest municipal game reserves in South Africa covering 3 250 hectares. The reserve protects a relatively rare type of vegetation and is home to some fussy eaters like the sable antelope. A visit to Polokwane Game Reserve is described as a lovely wildlife experience, which can also be explored on horseback. Although only 10 minutes from Polokwane, the reserve is a three hour drive from Johannesburg, but guarantees a high-quality, low-cost wildlife experience where you can see plenty of game, forests of aloes and unusual birds.

Unfortunately as is the case in the world in which we live, open areas where animals can roam freely are being used for the likes of residential estates, agriculture etc. and Polokwane is much in the same boat. Most of its rich grasslands, which once surrounded the city, have been converted to agriculture making this reserve one of the last places you'll find particular kinds of vegetation such as the fertile Pietersberg Plateau False Grassland habitat.

The reserve has an excellent road network, so visitors can easily drive themselves around for game viewing. And for those who prefer their wildlife experiences on foot, there is a 21km long hiking route which can be done in a day, although there are overnight facilities too. For those not as brave there is a less strenuous 5km trail which is perfect for a mornings ramble. But for those who prefer to sit back and just enjoy their surroundings it is possible to book a morning or evening game drive. The reserve has some very rare species, like sable and tsessebe antelope. And you could also see creatures like the white rhino, giraffe, zebra, impala amongst the 52 species found in the reserve.

The reserve is also the nesting place of approximately 200 bird species including like the short-clawed lark, the Kalahari scrub-robin, the ashy tit, the zitting cisticola and the burnt-neck eremomela. Plant enthusiasts will discover over 110 different grasses, approximately 280 flowering plants and 68 tree species. Polokwane Game Reserve is eco-tourism at its best.

The reserve offers various horse rides including morning rides, lunchtime rides (including a sumptuous spread) and sunset rides with sundowner snacks. And for those wanting something a little different, a little special, visitors can also opt to ride by full moon through the bush, an experience you will never forget.

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