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SALT - Southern Africa Large Telescope

Southern African Large Telescope (SALT), Sutherland, Northern Cape

SALT - Southern Africa Large Telescope

SALT is situated in Sutherland in the Karoo in South Africa. SALT stands for, South African Large Telescope. This particular telescope has a mirror of 11 metres in diameter and is the most powerful of all the telescopes. It consists of 91 interchangeable mirror segments, each one is a metre wide and weighs about 100kg each.

The San/Cape Bushmen had an extensive knowledge of the stars and used them to guide them in their every day lifestyle. The South African Astronomical Observatory is near Sutherland and here many people come and enjoy watching the stars, planets and galaxies through these telescopes.

The Karoo Highlands is the perfect spot for stargazers. Almost every evening has clear skies and there are no other lights to disrupt the clarity of the stars. Many galaxies, planets and stars have been discovered from here.

Be sure to make this a priority when you are in the area, it is truly an experience you will never forget.

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