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The approach into the town of Caledon  © Christopher Griner, License


The little town of Caledon is on the slopes of the Klein Swartberg, some 100 km east of Cape Town and famous for its hot springs and fynbos. Situated in a barley, wheat and wool-producing region, Caledon was named in 1813 after the Governor, Earl of Caledon.

Caledon owes its origin to the discovery of iron and mineral rich springs by the early Khoi-Khoi people. These natural hot springs produce over 900 000 litres of water daily and are said to have curative qualities.

Known today as the "capital of the Overberg", Caledon now offers a modern hotel, casino and spa. The Caledon Nature and Wildflower Reserve is at the entrance to Venster Kloof - named after a rock formation resembling a window ("venster"). Over 10 ha of reserve are home to numerous bird species and a circular hiking trail.

Annual events in Caledon include a beer and bread festival in March, and a wild flower show in September.





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