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Yzerfontein is a quiet little seaside village about 85 km north of Cape Town on the West Coast Road. Famous for its carpet of wild flowers in spring, Yzerfontein has one of the most pristine beaches that spans 16 miles, all the way to the Postberg Nature Reserve within the West Coast National Park.

Yzerfontein is a delightful destination for whale watching, particularly as there are a number of other wonderful birds and animals to see in the reserves close to Yzerfontein. Dassen Island supports a colony of African Penguins and the West Coast Fossil Park houses a number of fossils that date back about 5 million years.

Yzerfontein's little harbour is responsible for about 60% of all the line fish caught on the West Coast and is thus well known for its snoek and crayfish and most of the locals make their money this way. Other activities include: surfing, fishing, bird watching, hiking and visits to Darling, just 10 minutes away, and Langebaan, some 30 minutes up the coast.

Yzerfontein, located on the Cape West Coast, offers a range of activities and sights to explore.

Here are five things you can do or see in Yzerfontein:

1. Beaches: Enjoy the pristine beaches such as Yzerfontein Main Beach and Schaapeiland Beach for swimming, sunbathing, and picnicking. These beaches are known for their white sands and clear waters.

2. Wildlife and Birdwatching: Visit the Yzerfontein Wetlands Nature Reserve, where you can spot a variety of bird species and other wildlife. It's a great place for nature walks and photography.

3. West Coast National Park: While technically just outside Yzerfontein, the West Coast National Park is nearby and offers stunning landscapes, birdwatching, and seasonal wildflower displays in the Postberg Flower Reserve during spring.

4. Fishing and Water Sports: Yzerfontein is popular for fishing, surfing, kiteboarding, and other water sports due to its coastal location and reliable wind conditions.

5. Dassen Island: Take a boat trip to Dassen Island, located a short distance offshore from Yzerfontein. It's a nature reserve known for its seabird colonies, including African penguins, and offers opportunities for snorkeling and exploring.

These activities highlight the natural beauty and outdoor adventure opportunities that Yzerfontein and its surroundings have to offer.





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Yzerfontein Accommodation, Cape West Coast
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